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How To Become A Winter Circle Magazine Contributor

The Story Behind Winter Circle Magazine

Winter Circle Magazine is an exclusive content hub, providing members and clients a platform to read, write and engage with thought-leading articles and interviews.

We set up Winter Circle Magazine to be able to give our members and clients the opportunity to share their profound experience and expertise with an exclusive network of senior executives and global leaders from the tech, digital, data and security industries, among others.

The Audience

Winter Circle in an invitation-only digital network but we do invite external specialists, executive coaches, thought-leaders and evangelists to pitch ideas to feature in the magazine.

This original content is distributed in a newsletter to a carefully curated network of over 2,000 leading executives, along with our clients, a hand-picked selection of world-renowned organisations.

How To Become A Contributor

If you or your company would like to feature in Winter Circle Magazine, or explore possible partnerships with the magazine, please get in touch with your details by emailing

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